What we do in life echoes in eternity…

“Father of a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife and I shall have my vengeance in this life or the next”-Maximus Decimus Meridius


A powerful Roman General, Maximus is loved by the people as well as the aging Emperor, Marcus Aurelius. The Emperor chooses Maximus to take his place in rule over his son Commodus. After Commodus is informed about his father’s decision, he murders him before the announcement comes to fruition. Maximus is offered an opportunity to join Commodus, after refusal he and his family are condemned to death. Maximus escapes death but not in time to save his family, he is picked up as a slave where he is thrown into the Gladiator games. Fueled by hatred towards Ceasar, Maximus will not stop fighting until he has avenged the murders of his family and the late Marcus Aurelius.

Director-Ridley Scott
Writer-David Franzoni
Music Composer-Hans Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard
Cast-Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Connie Nielsen, Oliver Reed, Richard Harris, Djimon Hounsou

Winner of 5 Academy Awards and 7 Oscar Nominations.
-Best Actor in a Leading Role, Russell Crowe
-Best Costume Design, Janty Yates
-Best Effects, Visual Effects, John Nelson, Neil Corbould, Tim Burke, Rob Harvey.
-Best Picture-Douglas Wick, David Franzoni, Branko Lustig.
-Best Sound, Scott Millan, Bob Beemer, Ken Weston.

Medium-Colored Pencil on Rives BFK Paper