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“Palaces are for royalty. We’re just common people with a bank account.” – Frances Stevens

It’s easy to see why Edith Head named Grace Kelly her favorite actress to costume and style.  She also named Alfred Hitchcock’s “To Catch a Thief” her favorite film.  This classical blue chiffon ensemble has become one of the most iconic wardrobes of our time.  History echoes itself as does fashion, but there are some things that just can’t be repeated, for me this duo of designer and actor is one of them.    

Colored Pencil on Blue Strathmore Paper


Tale as old as time…

The first drawing of 2020! And this piece concludes the live action Disney Princess series until the release of Mulan in March. So keep an eye out for this series to continue in the Spring!

In regards to this resource, costume designer Jacqueline Durran chose to pay homage to Belle’s original gold ball gown while also wanting something lighter, and easier for Belle to move in. Durran and her team opted for lighter fabrics with no corset. The finished product is a lightweight combination of tulle, satin organza and taffeta, made to twirl and look as though it was styled by the castle itself.



“Sweet Aurora, you stole what was left of my heart, and now I have lost you forever.” – Maleficent

It’s hard to believe Elle Fanning was only 14 in this reference as this is from the first Maleficent in 2014.

Costume designer Anna B. Sheppard was determined to create a more age appropriate appeal for the new Aurora. “I really walked away from the animated image of Aurora completely.” Sheppard was so intent on maintaining Aurora’s modesty that she incorporated a conservative layer of chenille under Aurora’s costumes and insisted on sleeves so long that they almost covered her hands.

We still have not made it to see the new film, but I would imagine the imagery is even more appealing. As always, thank you for watching and stay tuned for Belle!


Think of me

“Think of me” showcasing the beautiful Emmy Rossum as Christine Daae from The Phantom of the Opera

Original drawing on Ingres paper


Another fun fact, costume designer Alexandra Byrne(Finding Neverland, Mary Queen of Scott’s, Elizabeth) was challenged to make Christine more “magical and mysterious” as she gets further immersed into the Phantom’s lair. This specific reference is Christine’s first dress worn on stage and is the most conservative of all her looks. 


“I felt something… it awakened…” -Rey

In anticipation of the new film coming this year I’ll be doing a new series based on the sequel characters… more info to come…

Styled and costumed by the brilliant Michael Kaplan(Blade Runner, Star Trek 2009)

Medium-colored pencil on Canson Ingres paper, 11”x14”


“I wanted all of her costumes to have a tease of turquoise, so it becomes her iconic motif.  You see it repeated again and again until you see the whole turquoise costume in the middle of the film.” – Michael Wilkinson, Costume Designer for Aladdin 2019.

It’s always interesting to study the “whys” behind costume and style.  There are so many narratives and stories told within the fashion itself.  Something I really enjoyed as an addition to the original Arabian tale was the subtle background story about Jasmine’s mother.  

Wilkinson shares, “In our film Jasmine wears a lot of clothing inspired by South Asian countries to honor her late mother.  A lot of Jasmine’s costumes have a slightly different feel to the rest of Agrabah, the country that her mother made her home, which distinguishes her from the rest of the looks”.

What was your favorite ensemble from the new film?

Original Illustration created utilizing Derwent pencils on Canson Ingres Paper. 11”x14”

True love’s kiss…

On the day of Amy Adams audition for Giselle, director Kevin Lima was running a 103 fever. Out of 200 other auditions he said he knew she was the one when he saw her “beautiful round eyes and fair skin”. Her audition was so good he forgot he was sick for the entire 45 minutes.

Enchanted is such a unique spin off of the traditional fairy tale, and Amy Adams more than convinced us of how a Disney Princess would handle what we call the “real world”.

Pictured here is Giselle wearing her wedding dress; designed with the base made of steel hoops, the dress actually weighed 45 pounds.  Additionally, it took fifteen minutes for the actress to get it on. “I had a whole new appreciation for what Vivien Leigh must’ve gone through as Scarlett O’Hara [in Gone With the Wind],” Adams said.

My family loves this film, if you haven’t seen it put it on your to do list of must sees!

In regards to my next project I’m finishing the year with Disney live action.  With Aladdin around the corner I’ll probably have Jasmine in the mix. Stay tuned!

Much love,


Zoey’s Zany Summer

It’s hard to believe its been a year since the release of the first Zoey novel. It feels like yesterday we were on a panel at the Cartersville Public Library opening pre-sales to Mikayla Lowery’s brilliant novel. The introduction to Zoey Song has become a hit, and fans are already demanding more of her. I was honored to be the cover artist for this entire series of Zoey novels. The second chapter, “Zoey’s Zany Summer”, will not only keep you laughing but bring you even closer to the mind and heart of the red headed misfit we’ve grown to love.

Once again we will be on a panel at the Cartersville Public Library on April 25, 2019. Please stop by if you’re in the area to pick up a signed copy of the novel as well as meet Mikayla Lowery, Marie Claire, and myself.

Hope everyone is doing well,


Have courage, and be kind…

When I asked Kensie which princess she wanted drawn for her birthday she said “Cinderella, but the real one daddy”. 🙂 So Lily James it is! 

This specific reference showcases the fairy godmother’s brilliant restoration of Ella’s gown for the ball. The official color of Ella’s gown is Cornflower blue. In order to achieve the accurate reflection of color in the drawing I had to use a total of 4 blues and 3 purples. Who knew it would take that many pencils to land the perfect periwinkle!

Never the less, Cinderella leaves the reminder that someone is always looking out for us, and humility never goes out of style! So no matter the odds, keep loving each other and always, always…

“have courage, and be kind”…

Love to all,