As far back as I can remember, fictional stories have been a part of my life. In some way I managed to bond with subjects that only existed in my imagination. Particular themes moved me as I began relating their symbolism to my Christian faith.  With each piece of art I create, I interact with characters from different worlds grasping a higher understanding of what they are attempting to tell us. While using colored pencil, I paint with a texture where the rendering remains visible in the art. Overall, my interpretations of these subjects preserve the heart of these stories for what they once symbolized and how they resemble our cultures today.

Best Wishes-

Expanding the trois crayon technique into a full color aesthetic has become Ben Curtis Jones’ signature mark.  Created utilizing Derwent Studio Pencils on vintage import papers, Ben’s classical drawings have left viewers curious about both the subject as well as the process. With over a decade of publishing experience, Ben’s renderings have deftly portrayed multiple genres within the entertainment industry.

Ben has worked with clients including Disney, Lucasfilm, Warner Brothers, DreamWorks, Random House, Charlie’s Port Press, Topps, Acme Archives Direct, Red Five Entertainment, and McWhorter Capital. Ben currently lives in Kingston, Georgia with his wife Kristin and daughter Kensington.