A Recent Commission…

Thank you for your patience, since I’ve just opened my blog I would like to go over a few past pieces before I begin discussing what I’m currently working on.

A little while ago I was commissioned to do a piece on Padme and Anakin from Attack of the Clones.  The initial idea from the client was to capture the young love of Anakin and Padme while also incorporating the beauty of Naboo.  Here are the references I was supplied with…

     A good bit of the art seen in my gallery is created with colored pencil on Rives BFK paper, which is actually a soft cotton print-making paper.  An example would be just about all of my poster work.  This paper has no tooth were the pencils can look almost like paint.  With this piece I wanted to create it with a more fine art style, where Anakin and Padme would seem more incorporated with Naboo.  I decided to work on watercolor paper and keep a strong tooth where the pencils would have a more grainy feel to them.  I laid down a wash with acrylics then rendered the subjects with Derwent Studio Colored Pencils.  If you are an inspiring colored pencil artist, I highly recommend these over prismacolor, they have a hard base which allows you to apply more detail in the rendering.
Finished Art-
Medium-Acrylic wash and Colored pencil on watercolor paper.

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  1. love the explanation of the process. it is always interesting to see what an artist chooses to fulfill their vision. –all the more so for an illustrator and what photos they use to create a finished image!

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