“I wanted all of her costumes to have a tease of turquoise, so it becomes her iconic motif.  You see it repeated again and again until you see the whole turquoise costume in the middle of the film.” – Michael Wilkinson, Costume Designer for Aladdin 2019.

It’s always interesting to study the “whys” behind costume and style.  There are so many narratives and stories told within the fashion itself.  Something I really enjoyed as an addition to the original Arabian tale was the subtle background story about Jasmine’s mother.  

Wilkinson shares, “In our film Jasmine wears a lot of clothing inspired by South Asian countries to honor her late mother.  A lot of Jasmine’s costumes have a slightly different feel to the rest of Agrabah, the country that her mother made her home, which distinguishes her from the rest of the looks”.

What was your favorite ensemble from the new film?

Original Illustration created utilizing Derwent pencils on Canson Ingres Paper. 11”x14”