True love’s kiss…

On the day of Amy Adams audition for Giselle, director Kevin Lima was running a 103 fever. Out of 200 other auditions he said he knew she was the one when he saw her “beautiful round eyes and fair skin”. Her audition was so good he forgot he was sick for the entire 45 minutes.

Enchanted is such a unique spin off of the traditional fairy tale, and Amy Adams more than convinced us of how a Disney Princess would handle what we call the “real world”.

Pictured here is Giselle wearing her wedding dress; designed with the base made of steel hoops, the dress actually weighed 45 pounds.  Additionally, it took fifteen minutes for the actress to get it on. “I had a whole new appreciation for what Vivien Leigh must’ve gone through as Scarlett O’Hara [in Gone With the Wind],” Adams said.

My family loves this film, if you haven’t seen it put it on your to do list of must sees!

In regards to my next project I’m finishing the year with Disney live action.  With Aladdin around the corner I’ll probably have Jasmine in the mix. Stay tuned!

Much love,