Zoey’s Zany Summer

It’s hard to believe its been a year since the release of the first Zoey novel. It feels like yesterday we were on a panel at the Cartersville Public Library opening pre-sales to Mikayla Lowery’s brilliant novel. The introduction to Zoey Song has become a hit, and fans are already demanding more of her. I was honored to be the cover artist for this entire series of Zoey novels. The second chapter, “Zoey’s Zany Summer”, will not only keep you laughing but bring you even closer to the mind and heart of the red headed misfit we’ve grown to love.

Once again we will be on a panel at the Cartersville Public Library on April 25, 2019. Please stop by if you’re in the area to pick up a signed copy of the novel as well as meet Mikayla Lowery, Marie Claire, and myself.

Hope everyone is doing well,