Practically perfect…

Kristin and I finally made it to see Mary Poppins Returns last night, we were both very impressed. I don’t think they could have cast a better actress for the part, Emily Blunt was Fantastic! What some big shoes to fill following Julie Andrews, but she more than did it justice and made it special in her own unique way. What was everyone’s favorite parts of the film?

Here’s a little fun fact about this piece; I’m a big fan of costume designer Sandy Powell. In case you’re not familiar her credits have a large range including Cinderella(2015), Carol, The Young Victoria, Shakespear in Love, The Favourite, and many others. This particular referenced really captured Blunt’s portrayal of the character to me as well as showcased Powell’s brilliance in design with a 1930s inspired polka dot ensemble. 

As always, thx for watching and Happy New Year!

Medium-Colored Pencil on Sky Blue Canson Ingres Paper