"Confined" New Star Wars Art for Acme Archives Direct

This is the first of a new Star Wars series I’m creating for Acme Archives fine art line.  Each character I recreate from the Star Wars universe will be on a specific colored paper to match their personal aesthetic.

When creating “Confined”, I wanted a color study that would resemble Tatooine, but also not dominate over the femininity of Princess Leia’s beauty.  I found a paper color called “Anise”, it immediately matched the mood.

Available as both giclee on paper and canvas limited edition here.

Imprisoned by Jabba the Hutt, Princess Leia awaits her rescue..

Coming soon, the art of "Hugo"

You heard correct! The winner of five Academy Awards is coming to our studio.  We’re in the process of creating a one-sheet that will include the cast of Hugo plus more.  The original art will debut at ArtInsights gallery towards the end of this month and will be available for purchase through our online store. 

Check back soon for more details!