The Deathly Hallows, One-sheet

What can I say? I’ve followed them from year one when they took their first ride on Hogwarts Express all the way to the destruction of their school in the battle of a life time. Undoubtedly, this was the most emotional piece of art I’ve ever created. With the completion of each subject, I said my farewells to a genre that has influenced my career for over a decade.

I doubt this art will be published in the near future, Mrs. Rowling has not yet released rights over to any licensor to sell limited editions based on the HP franchise. Unless my rep finds another route for the art, this will remain a one off original piece. For now…;)

The art is completed entirely with colored pencil on Rives BFK paper, and measures 22″x30″.

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Alice in Wonderland

-conceptual art for Disney’s fine art program,

When I decided to take on this film I really had to dig deep into what made me enjoy it. It took me back to my childhood when my imagination ran my life. I remember believing in fictional worlds as much as I did reality, sometimes keeping me in trouble as I would daydream instead of working.

Aesthetically, I wanted this art to be different than anything I had done in the past. The idea came to me when I saw a sketch on the cover of a drawing pad, I noticed that the off white paper held more innocence with colored pencil than the tonal paper I normally work on due to the bright palette and distinct texture.

The art is completed with Derwent Studio colored pencils on off white drawing paper. Dimensions measure 18″x24″.

I don’t know the future of this piece, I’ve been given permission to post it, if it were to become licensed it would have to go through another avenue than the license I was currently pursuing due to live action and likeness approvals.


Tangled Concept Art

Since this past January I’ve been working on conceptual art for Disney’s fine art program where I’ve been creating ideas for future limited editions. If I remember correctly I did 4 concepts and they’re publishing 1 for sure that is still going through approval and another is still up in the air.

This was an idea I had where I wanted to see how the film Tangled would read on pink paper. Instead of doing the entire poster I just did Rapunzel to see what kind of reaction the art would get from Disney’s art department.  Guess you’ll have to wait and see what’s in store!

The art is completed 100% in colored pencil on pink canson paper, dimensions I believe are 16″x20″.